Do You Know About Computer Glasses?

Do you use reading glasses? Are you often using a computer?
Do you recognize these symptoms?

Suffer from tired eyesSuffer from tired and red/burning eyes? Suffer from a sore neck, shoulders and back?

Headaches around the eyesHeadaches, especially around the eyes? Concentration problems?

blurred visionBlurred vision? Is your vision deteriorating?

PC glasses for computer users

Why are reading glasses not suitable for computer use?
Ordinary reading glasses are not really suitable for working behind a computer screen and can even make your eyes worse. The distance from the user’s eyes and the computer screen is usually 20 – 27 inches.

Ordinary reading glasses are for a closer working distance when holding a book. (Not apropriate for computer use).

Computer vision glasses or also called pc glasses differ from the regular reading glasses. The glasses optimize your eyesight when working behind a computer screen. Its the ultimate Computer Eye Strain Prevention.

Computer Glasses are your Solution!

How to Help Eye StrainComputer time more enjoyable with less stress and tension. Greatly reduce eye strain and red eyes.

Reduce blurred visionReduce blurred vision, aching, burning and stinging eyes. The perfect choice for better health and peace of mind.

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Better Vision With Computer Reading Glasses.Eyewear For a Better Vision

Take a look through our wealth of information to learn more about the special glasses for computers. This is a great place to start for people that are new to this.

On many websites, you’ll find computer reading glasses being discussed using a lot of jargon that is often confusing, but here you will find it all explained in simple terms by a real user of these product!
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glasses for computerComputer Eyewear Brands

When you are ready to buy these special glasses for your computer, our brand coverage is a great way to figure out which product will work the best for your needs. Browse through our listings to read our recommendations based on our personal experience.

The average consumer is often not aware of the fact that there are cheap brands and others that deliver quality glasses. When it comes to protecting your eyes, avoiding eye strain you truly don’t want to compromise to try to save a few bucks because the budget glasses are truly not worth it.

Quality brands have much more reliable quality. When you consider that the price difference between them and low-quality, may only be $10-$20, the choice is quite clear.

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You do not need to visit an optician to buy your computer reading glasses.
These special pc glasses offers a turnkey solution. You pay less than when you buy in the average optical shop.
Computer reading glasses are perfect for working behind a computer screen but also for other professionals like dentists, musicians, painters, etc.

Our Computer Glasses – Quality Glasses!

Most of our computer eyeglasses are anti-glare which eliminate the reflections of light from the front and back surfaces.

Quality of the computer glasses are very good. Always read the reviews.
These glasses are a wonderful choice to improve your quality of life and that of your family and friends.